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  • Implementing a Successful
  • Pure Tone Audiometric
    • Pure Tone Audiometric Screening is traditionally recommended for children over 3 years of age who can follow instructions and complete screening tasks; Otoacoustic Emissions Screening is recommended for those who cannot. Talk with your local pediatric audiologist about which method is optimal for the population you serve.
  • Hearing Screening Program
  • (for children 3 years of age and older)
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Modules For Educators and
Health Care Providers:

  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Administrators
  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Audiologists
  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Screeners

How to Use This Page

The videos, tools and resources will introduce you to Pure Tone hearing screening, help you to plan your screening program, teach you how to screen, and provide you with practical tools to implement screening and follow-up practices. Note the colored diamond that corresponds most closely with your role and view the video modules indicated. As you do so, also sequentially open and review the tools and resources in the right column to take advantage of the printed materials and links that have been designed to support your screening efforts.

Getting Started Key Video Tutorial Modules Implementation Tools
Getting Started for administrators, audiologists, and screeners


Additional Resources from Towsen University

The ECHO Initiative will be developing age-appropriate instructional modules on Pure Tone Screening. Until these become available, the following Towsen University videos may be helpful when used in conjunction with direct training from a pediatric audiologist.
for administrators, audiologists, and screeners


for audiologists and screeners


for audiologists and screeners