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Implementing a Successful
Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
Hearing Screening Program

Modules For Educators and
Health Care Providers:

  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Administrators
  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Audiologists
  • for administrators, audiologists, and screeners Screeners

How to Use This Page

The videos, tools and resources will introduce you to OAE hearing screening, help you to plan your screening program, teach you how to screen, and provide you with practical tools to implement screening and follow-up practices. Note the colored diamond that corresponds most closely with your role and view the video modules indicated. As you do so, also sequentially open and review the tools and resources in the right column to take advantage of the printed materials and links that have been designed to support your screening efforts.

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Getting Started

General Information & Registration

Session #1

Practice Exercise 1 [PDF]
Practice Exercise Report #1


Planning and Learning Tools

Find an Audiologist

OAE Equipment

Audiologist's & Trainer's Tools




Gain Skills

Session #2

Practice Exercise 2 [PDF]
Practice Exercise Report #2


Protocol Guides & Forms

Prepare Children, Parents, Partner Health Care Providers and Adult Assistants

Share Results: Letters & Scripts

Track Child Progress & Monitor Program Quality

Bonus Resources



Session #3

Practice Exercise 3 [PDF]
Practice Exercise Report #3



Session #4

Practice Exercise 4 [PDF]
Practice Exercise Report #4