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EHDI 2008

Feb 25-26


2008 National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel New Orleans, LA

February 25-26, 2008



2008 EHDI Conference Topical Session Agenda


Through Deaf Eyes [PPT] [Video]
Presenters: Irene Leigh, Gina Oliva, James Tucker
Moderator: Harry Lang

Cortical Development and Re-organization in Auditory Deprivation Version 2 [PPT][Video]
   Presenter:  Anu Sharma
   Moderator:  Susan Wiley

Parents & Professionals UNPLUGGED [PPT] [Video]
   Presenters:  Beth Benedict, JoDee Crace, Janet DesGeorges, Susan Elliott, Julia Hecht, Michelle King, Lisa Kovacs, Curt Leitz, Ruth Mathers, Djenne Morris, Stephanie Olson, Kylie Sharp, Rachel St. John, Cami Wright
   Moderators:  John Eichwald, Leeanne Seaver

Language Development in Deaf Children: Foundations and Outcomes [PPT] [Video]
   Presenter:  Marc Marschark
   Moderator:  Irene Forsman


OZ Systems: Creating Links for Newborn Screening Programs EXHIBITOR
   Lura Daussat

Public Policy, Citizen Advocates, and Coalition Building: Your new BFF
   Mary Hartnett, Toni Fairbanks, Nicole Brown

EI Screening for Developmental Delays in Children who are Deaf/HOH
   Susan Wiley

MH Prevalence of ADHD and LD in Children with Hearing Loss
   Krista Biernath, Susanne Visser, W. June Holstrum

Parents' views of the Impact of Early Diagnosis on Child Development
   Alys Young

NHS Training Module
   Randi Winston

Language Outcomes for Young Children with Hearing Loss
   Joni Alberg, Christene Tashjian, Kathryn Wilson

A Learning Collaborative Approach to EHDI System Improvement
   Shirley Russ, Doris Hanna, Hallie Morrow, Janet DesGeorges

Business Case for Integrating EHDI and other Info Systems
   Karen Torghele, Alan Hinman

Free Money and Where to Find It: Offering Families Financial Support
   Genevieve DelRosario

Implementing EI Services Using the SKI-HI Model within a South African context
   Claudine Storbeck, Paula Pittman

Monitoring Risk Factors for Late Onset Hearing Loss
   Susan J. Norton, Richard C. Folsom

Cochlear Implants: The Role of the EI Specialist
   Carissa Moeggenberg


Remote CART: A Higher Level of Service for a Higher Level of Education EXHIBITOR
   Joe Delulio

EHDI Experts' New Role in Early Childhood Screening
   William Eiserman, Terry Foust

Hearing Screening During Well-Child Visits: A pilot evaluation 
   Terry Foust, William Eiserman

Family Support: Take it to the next level!
   Patti Martin, Leeanne Seaver, Joni Alberg, Galya Hutsell

Outcomes for Children with HL: Effects of age of ID, sign Support, and auditory prosthesis
   Susan Nittrouer

Professional Development for EI Providers
   Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Beth Benedict

ID Models of Professional Development for Early Interventionists or Version 2
   Laurie Cochenour, Mary Ellen Nevins

Loss to Follow-up Rate of 10%-- You Can Get There Too!
   Hallie Morrow, Jennifer Sherwood, Lisa Satterfield

Developing Community Partnerships for Cultural Diversity Training
   Jill Ellis

It Takes a Village: Serving Children with Hearing Loss and their Families
   Todd Houston, Karen Munoz, Ruth Mathers

Over the River and Through the Woods: Serving Rural Families
   Jennie Germano, Nanette Thompson, Dinah Beams

Reaching Families in rural areas through Video-conferencing
   Jan North, Melissa McCarthy

Cued Speech: Visual Access to Spoken Language
   Barbara LeBlanc, Denise Taylor, Penny Hakim

American Sign Language and Cued Languages: Partners in Bilingualism
   Allison Kaftan, Polly Earl

ASHA Policy Documents: Providing Guidance for Improving EHDI Outcomes
   Allan O. Diefendorf, Judith S. Gravel, Anne Marie Tharpe

Advocacy for Children Using the Individuals with Disabilities Act
   Barbara Raimondo


MEPA Wideband Power Analysis of the Middle Ear as a Means to Reduce the High False Positive Rate in Universal Newborn Hearing Screening EXHIBITOR
   Pat Jeng, Harlee Sorkin

Comparison of Intervention Settings for Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss
   Anne Marie Tharpe

HEAR Chart -- Hierarchy of Early Auditory Responses
   Diana Lee, Elizabeth Hopkins

Effectiveness of Ohio's EI on Language Outcomes
   Jareen Meinzen-Derr, Susan Wiley, Constance Block, Daniel Choo

Factors Associated with Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-up
   Vickie Thomson

Auditory Neuropathy / Dys-synchrony
   Jan Stroud, Patti Martin, Nannette Nicholson

Making I.T. Work for You
   Nick Waddell

KIDSNET and RITRACK… Partnering for Audiological Reporting
   Mary Catherine Hess, Michael Berry

Signing with Babies-- hearing… deaf… Does it Matter?
   Cheri Dowling

Expanding Skills of Providers and Culturally Diverse Families
   Jill Ellis

"Hey, What About Us?" - Supporting Families of Young Children who are Hard of Hearing
   Janet DesGeorges, Melissa Wagner

Opening Doors: Collaborating to Develop Family Friendly Resources
   Eric S. Cahill, Fran Hardin, Cathy Howle, Wendy Keown


New Counseling Tool for Professionals and Parents EXHIBITOR
   Maureen Doty (in place of Nicole Robbins)
Doing What it Takes: Advancing Outcomes for Children with Hearing Loss
   Teresa H. Caraway, Tamara H. Elder

Decision-making Processes of EHDI Families
   Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Sarah Wainscott, Carol Croyle

Tough Choices: Parental Perspectives on Decision Making
   Nannette Nicholson, Alan Vanbiervliet, Meghan Powell, Jan Stroud

Auditory Access for Infants Utilizing PFM Technology
   Johnnie Sexton

Working Together at the EHDI Program
   Gayla Hutsell, Bob Bowman, Kristi Zonno, Winnie Chung, Richard Harward, Kurt Randall

Parents to Professionals: What We REALLY Need You to Know
   Amanda Kaahanui

"Sweeten the Pot" - Why EHDI Programs and Service Providers Should Have Parents as Equal Partners on their Teams
   Kylie Sharp

Tackling Transition: Resources and Strategies
   Marcia Kolvitz

Quality Assurance - What Happens to Your Babies?
   Jennifer Sherwood, Hallie Morrow, Lisa Satterfield

Civil Rights to Effective Communication
   Barbara Raimondo

Long-Term Consequences of Language and Educational Options
   Gina Oliva, Tami Hossler, Erica Hossler

Creative Strategies for Serving Non-English Speaking Families
   Jennie Germano, Dinah Beams

Intervention for Childern with Vision Loss and Cochlear Implants
   Kathleen Stremel


Automated ABR Screening in the NICU with Zero Re-tests

Non-sedated ABR evaluation

EHDI State Model Bill Phase II Campaign
   James Potter, Anne Oyler, Rend Al-Mondhiry

Focusing on the "I" in EHDI
Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Arlene Stredler Brown, Mary Pat Moeller

Bridge to Preschool: Ensuring a Successful Transition
   Janet DesGeorges, Dinah Beams

Hands & Voices' Guide By your Side: A Replicable Family Support Program
   Leeanne Seaver, Stephanie Olson, Elizabeth Seeliger, Candace Lindow Davies

Model Program for Periodic Medical Home Childhood Hearing Screening
   Christine Gilmore Eubanks, Parul Bhatia

Indiana's EHDI Alert Response System (EARS)
   Bob Bowman, Gayla Hutsell

Finding the Lost EHDI Babies-- Utilizing Partnerships
   Chris Watkins

What is Audism? What Professionals Need to Know
   Ben Bahan, Beth Benedict, Barbara Raimondo

Addressing the Shortage of Qualified Pediatric Audiologists
Les R. Schmeltz

Personnel Preparation for EHDI Service Providers
   Jackson Roush, Anne Marie Tharpe, Judith Gravel

Thinking Outside the Box: Creating Private-Public Partnerships
   Teresa H. Caraway, Tamara H. Elder, Jim Schmealzle


Building Community Capacity for EHDI Services Statewide
   Kelly Daniel, Eric S. Cahill, Lou Ann Jones

Bone Conduction Hearing: A Natural Pathway to Hearing
   George Cire, Donna Sorkin

What's Your hIQ: Defining High Quality (hIQ) Intervention Services
   Paula Pittman, Arlene Stredler-Brown

Supporting Informed Choice for Families of Deaf Children
   Gwen Carr

The Infant Hearing Guide: A Tool for Early Interventionists
   Patti Martin, Nannette Nicholson

CNMI and Our Efforts to Reduce Loss to Follow-up
   Angie Mister, Elizabeth Palacios

"Like a Good Neighbor" - Integrate with Other State Databases to Help Improve Follow-up
   Michelle Garcia, Erin Estrada

Sound START of KS: Across the Prairie
   Carol Busch, Kim M. Aeillo

1-3-6 in Kansas: The Role of Sound START in Supporting Sound Beginnings
   Carol Busch, Kim M. Aeillo

Understanding Sensory Orientations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
   Benjamin J. Bahan, Beth Benedict

Language Rights
   Susan Schaller

Lobbying for Beginners: You Really Can Make a Difference!
   Joni Alberg

Ensuring Quality Audiology Services - Roundtable Discussion
   Lisa Satterfield, Jennifer Sherwood, Hallie Morrow


A Diamond in the Rough
   Lorie Lang, Kylie Sharp

NHS in England: Implementing and Maintaining a Quality Programme
   Nick Waddell

Identifying the Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss
   Brenda Sommer

Tracking and Referral via Web Reports and GIS Technology
   Shihfen Tu

"Think Different": How to Simplify an EHDI program to keep updated in a fast paced world
   Michelle Garcia

Knowledge Needs on Cochlear Implantation
Donna L. Sorkin

EHDI Challenges and Strategies in Addressing Privacy Regulations
   Todd Houston, Diane Behl

Cytomegalovirus: Survey of Physicians' Knowledge and Practices
   Danielle S. Ross

Caregiver Stress in Families of Young Children with Hearing Loss
   Jareen Meinzen-Derr

Successful Support of Families
   Joni Alberg

The Double-Edged Sword of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
   Karen Hopkins, Lynn Schardel, Vivian Mikhail