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NCHAM: National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, Utah State University

Last Updated: 7/8/10


  • Population (mid-2008)(1): 3.4 Million
  • Annual # of births (2007)(2): 70,000
  • Institutional births (2000/7)(2): 92%
  • GNI PPP per Capita (US$) 2007(1): 8,340
  • Infant Mortality rate(1): 15
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Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Contact:

Amarilis Melendez
IAPO Asociación Interamericana de Otorrinlaringología Pediatrica
Phone: 507 6611 1927
Email Amarilis Melendez
Cynthia Guy, Directora Ejecutiva
Instituto de Implantes Cocleares, S.A.
Email Cynthia Guy

NHS Legislation:

There is currently no NHS law in place but a local group is advocating for the implementation of UNHS.

UNHS Program Information:

Since 2000 Panama has offered targeted NHS in some birthing hospitals around the country. Some equipment and well qualified personnel are available to screen a small percentage of the newborn population.

When a baby does not pass the hearing screening, the pediatrician or primary care provider is in charge of informing the family about the importance of further testing by an audiologist. Available interventions for children with hearing loss include speech language services, hearing aids, and genetic services. The services are paid for by the government, non-profit organizations and the family.

The Instituto de Implantes Cocleares (Cochlear Implants Institute) was created in 2006 with the goal to educate professionals and the general public about the availability of this device and provide cochlear implants to people in need of them. They have also partner with several national and international organizations to promote NHS.

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  1. World Bank, Population Reference Bureau (2008). 2008 World Population data sheet. (PDF)