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MCHB and CDC Grants to States. Commonwealths, and Territories for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs

  In April, 2000, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau awarded grants to 22 states to assist with the planning, development, implementation, and refinement of early hearing detection and intervention programs. In October of 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) awarded 15 state grants to assist with developing EHDI tracking and data management systems. Copies (or abstacts) of those grants are available by clicking on the following links. The ideas described in these grant proposals from various states may give you some ideas for how you can improve EHDI programs in your area.

MCHB Grant Information

Analysis of EHDI Grant Proposal Activities (Year 2000)
States & Contact Information (Year 2000)
States & Contact Information (Year 2001)


MCHB and CDC Recipients of State Grants
2000 2001 2002 2000 2001 2002
Alabama   text        
Alaska text       text  
Arizona   text     text  
Arkansas   text   text    
California     text      
Colorado text     text    
Connecticut   text        
Delaware       text  
District of Columbia   text        
Florida   text   text    
Georgia text     text    
Hawaii text     text    
Idaho text          
Illinois text       text  
Indiana   text        
Iowa text     text    
Kansas   text        
Kentucky text       text  
Louisiana text        X  
Maine    text   text    
Maryland    text        
Massachusetts text     text    
Michigan   text   text    
Minnesota text     text    
Mississippi   text        
Missouri   text     text  
Montana   text        
Nebraska   text        
New Hampshire text       text  
New Jersey     text text    
New Mexico text          
New York text          
North Dakota text          
North Carolina text       text  
Northern Marianas    X        
Ohio text          
Oklahoma   text        
Oregon   text   text    
Puerto Rico   X        
Rhode Island text       text  
South Carolina text          
South Dakota text       text  
Tennessee   text     text  
Utah text     text    
Vermont   text   text    
Virgin Islands    
Virginia   text        
Washington   text   text    
West Virginia    X        
Wisconsin text       text  
Wyoming    text     text  

a=Awarded in Spring
b=Awarded in Summer


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