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Video Tutorial Modules
  1. Introduction to OAE Hearing Screening [6 min.] (Captioned)
  2. How OAE Screening Works [3 min.] (Captioned)
  3. OAE Protocol Overview/ Education Setting [2 min.] (Captioned)
  4. OAE Protocol Overview/ Health Care Setting [3 min.] (Captioned)
  5. Plan Your OAE Screening Program [3 min.] (Captioned)
  6. Get to Know Your OAE Equipment [3 min.] (Captioned)
  7. OAE Screening Step by Step [5 min.] (Captioned)
  8. Develop Your OAE Screening Skills [4 min.] (Captioned)
  9. Get Ready to Screen Children [5 min.] (Captioned)
  10. Strategies for Successful Screening [6 min.] (Captioned)
  11. OAE Protocol in Detail/ Education Setting [5 min.] (Captioned)
  12. OAE Protocol in Detail/ Health Care Setting [3 min.] (Captioned)
  13. Track Screening Outcomes [3 min.] (Captioned)
Pure Tone Hearing Screening Modules

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