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Last Modified: 03/21/2022

Enacted Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Legislation

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U.S. States Enacted Legislation Rules & Regulations
Alabama AL, Legislation [PDF] AL, Rules [PDF]
Alaska AK, HB109 ('06) [PDF] AK, Rules [PDF]
Arizona AZ, Legislation [PDF] AZ, Rules [PDF]
Arkansas AR, Legislation [PDF] AR, Rules [PDF]
California CA, Legislation [PDF]
Colorado CO, Legislation [PDF] CO, Rules [DOC]
Connecticut CT, Legislation [PDF] CT, Rules [PDF]
Delaware DE, Legislation
DE, Hearing Aid Loan Bank Program [PDF]
DE, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bill of Rights
District of Colombia DC, A13-0572 ('01) [PDF]
Florida FL, Statute 383.145 ('13) FL, Rules [PDF]
Georgia GA, § 31-1-3.2. ('09) [PDF] Georgia, Rules [PDF]
Hawaii Hawaii, Legislation [PDF]
Illinois Illinois, Legislation [PDF] IL, Rules [PDF]
Indiana Indiana, Legislation [PDF] Indiana, Rules [PDF]
Iowa Iowa, Legislation [PDF] Iowa, Rules [PDF]
Kansas Kansas, Legislation [PDF] KS, Rules [PDF]
Kentucky Kentucky, Legislation [PDF] KY, Rules [PDF]
Louisiana Louisiana, Legislation [PDF]
Maine ME, Legislation ('10) [PDF] Maine, Rules [PDF]
Maryland MD, Legislation ('14) [PDF] Maryland, Rules [PDF]
Massachusetts Massachusetts, Legislation [PDF] MA, Rules
Michigan Michigan, Legislation [PDF] Michigan, Rules [PDF]
Minnesota MN, HF 1206 ('07) [PDF]
Mississippi Mississippi, Legislation [PDF]
Missouri Missouri, Legislation [PDF] MO, Rules [PDF]
Montana Montana, Legislation [PDF] Montana, Rules [PDF]
Nebraska Nebraska, Legislation [PDF]
Nevada NV, Revised Statutes – Screening of Hearing of Newborn Children [PDF] NV, Administrative Code – Screening of Hearing of Newborn Children [PDF]
New Hampshire NH, SB0456 ('00)
New Jersey NJ, Chpt. 373 ('02) [PDF]
New Mexico New Mexico, Legislation [PDF]
New York New York, Legislation [PDF] NY, Rules [PDF]
North Carolina North Carolina, Legislation [PDF] NC, Rules [PDF]
North Dakota
Ohio Ohio, Legislation [PDF]
Oklahoma OK, Legislation ('06) [PDF] Oklahoma, Rules [PDF]
Oregon Oregon, Legislation [PDF] Oregon, Rules [PDF]
Pennsylvania PA, Legislation ('09) [PDF]
Rhode Island Rhode Island, Legislation [PDF] Rhode Island, Rules [PDF]
South Carolina South Carolina, Legislation [PDF]
South Dakota
Tennessee TN, Pu. Ch. 768 ('08) [PDF] TN, Rules [PDF]
Texas Texas, Legislation [PDF] TX, Rules
Utah UT, SB40 ('10) [PDF] Utah, Rules
Vermont Vermont, Legislation [PDF]
Virginia Virginia, Legislation [PDF] Virginia, Rules [PDF]
Washington Washington, Legislation [PDF]
West Virginia West Virginia, Legislations [PDF] WV, Rules [PDF]
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Legislation [PDF]
Wyoming Wyoming, Legislation [PDF]
Commonwealths and Territories Enacted Legislation Rules & Regulations
American Samoa
Federated States of Micronesia
Guam GU, 10GC004 ('04) [PDF]
Mariana Islands
Marshall Islands
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Other State Legislation